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Monday, January 20, 2014

Odd - Cities Motorcycle Rally 2014

This is a motorcycle riding/photo type contest.  Entrants may be riders or passengers on a motorcycle of any brand.

The first 26 points are nearly free - A-Z city names - get all 26 letters of the alphabet in the first letter name of a city.
A - Abilene
B - Baltimore
C - Crescent City, etc.
You get one point per city for each letter of the alphabet  - up to 26 total.

Here is the odd part:
While you are out there getting the A-Z cities, look for the names of cities that don’t belong, or may belong somewhere else.  We all know that there is a Phoenix, Arizona but there is also a Phoenix, Oregon! 
How about Philadelphia in Mississippi instead of Pennsylvania?  Dallas, Washington instead of Dallas, Texas?
You get one point per city and you can get points for the same city name in multiple states.  The name of the ODD CITY should be easily recognizable.
Send a picture of your motorcycle and your number with proof of your presence in the city. 
Proof can be any sign such as “Welcome to Portland, Maine” or “Entering Dallas, population 2108” “Phoenix Library” or some other sign with the name on it.   You get one point per odd city. 
To sign up: send your name or nickname and e-mail to   I will send you a rally number to write on any surface.  The number must be in the photo along with your bike (or portion of your bike).
Send your picture via e-mail to    The heading should read: Oddcity 2014. Please add a note to let me know the city and state along with the reference state.
Ex:  Phoenix, Oregon (Arizona) 
If there is any question - I have the final decision (after all, it is my contest!!)
Get signed up and get out there.  The contest runs from May 1 to August 31, 2014.

Prizes?  Yep!! A trophy and a t-shirt at least!

1.        You have to sign up and get a number

2.       The number must be in each photo with the sign and a portion of your motorcycle that you rode to the city. 

3.       Pictures must be taken between May 1 to August  31, 2014.

4.       Pictures must be submitted to

5.       Photos will be accepted until 48 hour after closure of the contest.

6.       Heading of e-mail should be: Oddcity 2014

7.       Please Include the name of the(odd) city and state (include the reference state).


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