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Saturday, July 27, 2013

In search of the Fly

I have wanted to ride every afternoon this week but by the time I get off work it has been over 100 degrees every day and simply too hot to put on a black helmet and jacket.  When it finally cools off it has been after 8:00pm and too late to go out for an extended ride.

This morning I headed out around 7:30 and was on the hunt for a big fly on the top of a gas station down in O'Brien, Oregon.  It was near the Oregon Caves National Monument so maybe I would get there as well.  Let's see how I feel when I get to O'Brien.

I headed from South Medford through Jacksonville and took Hwy 238 towards Grants Pass.

This barn is up in the Applegate.  I have wanted to take a picture of it several times but the light has never been good.  It's the first time I stopped to take a picture.  I was surprised at how cold I was going up through the valley and I actually turned on my heated hand grips.

I turned a corner and there were turkeys in the road.  They got out of the way but as soon as I passed them, they ran back out into the road.  I pulled over to get a picture!

Big tom turkey!
I had initially planned to stop in Grants Pass and get some coffee and breakfast.  I did stop for gas and the attendant told me there was a McDonalds down the street.  I missed the McDonalds but saw this weird statue outside of Grants Pass.  This was a dog with wings holding a mace in his hand (I say HIS, because it is very apparent that this is a boy dog). 

I turned on Hwy 199 towards Cave Junction.
It was starting to get pretty smoky through Grants Pass and I wondered if I hadn't made a mistake by coming this way.  I figured there was a fire in California and we were dealing with the smoke.

I passed through Selma, Oregon and stopped for a picture of the post office.

I got this picture of the fire department down the road.  In true EMT form, a guy in an ambulance was in the parking lot, when I pulled over he drove up to ask if I was OK.  I told him I was great and got my picture.

I headed up to the Oregon Caves on Caves Highway 46.  It was a great ride up the hill.  When I got to the top I checked out the schedule for the tours and there was a 30 minute wait for a 90 minute tour.  I decided to skip the tour, have breakfast at the Chateau Hotel and go in the gift shop.  I would save the tour for the next trip.  Maybe I'll bring my Dad up here.  He would love the ride!

I went to the Hotel and ordered breakfast and while I waited I went into the gift shop and looked around.  I picked up a ride pin, a shot glass and a couple of pens and went to the counter to pay for them.  I reached for my back pocket and my wallet was gone....
I suddenly went into panic mode!  I'm sure the blood ran out of my face.
The lady behind the counter told me to THINK, where was the last time I used my wallet??  I bought gas in Grants Pass.  That was over 40 miles away.  I felt sick!
I went back to the restaurant and told them what happened and they still offered me my breakfast.  I told them no, I had to go look for my wallet.
I was already there so I took the picture of the sign on my way back down the hill. 
I couldn't believe it, I would eventually have to realize that my wallet was gone and had to start thinking about the contents and getting them replaced. 
I was about 4 miles down the hill when I saw it in the road - my wallet!!!!  Are you kidding me??  There it was, right in the road!!

It was right on this corner and had been run over by a car.  All the credit cards, ID and other miscellaneous crap I keep in my wallet was strewn all over the road but the wallet was intact and the money was still in it.  I was so happy I cried.  Some of the stuff had fallen over the edge of the road and down the mountain.  I was able to retrieve a couple of the cards with a long stick but I lost an insurance card down the mountain.  I sure as hell wasn't going over a cliff for that.
I was going to be fine!  Now lets find that fly!  I stopped at a hardware store and asked a guy in the parking lot where O'Brien was and he told me I was only 7 miles away so I was almost there.

The Fly was worth the drive!

This was a three-fer!  The fly was right next to the post office!

Which was right next to a static train!

A side-car next to the train.
And an old O'Brien police car!

It was getting warm and time to head home and I still hadn't eaten breakfast.  I stopped and got this fire station picture.  All the fire stations were very quiet and it was sill pretty smoky.

I stopped for this picture of the big cat park.


This was the most interesting "Welcome to" sign I have seen so far.  It had a working waterfall with salmon sculptures swimming upstream and a grizzly bear at the top trying to catch the fish.

I was pretty hungry and it was 11:00 am so I had to stop.  I got breakfast and nice coffee at a cafĂ© in Cave Junction.  At breakfast I found out that the fire was at Eight Dollar Mountain and there were nearly 300 firemen on the job.  After breakfast I decided to head towards home because the fire was between me and home and I didn't want to get caught on a closed road due to fire. 

Another fire department.

Back in Grants Pass I stopped for a picture of this oversized parrot on the sign.  It was getting warmer so I shed my leather chaps and put them in my saddle bags. 
From Grants Pass I took I-5 down to Rogue River for a picture of the old cemetery.

Down in Rogue River I spotted this big rooster.

Woodville Cemetery is just outside the town of Rogue River.  I found headstones from 1890.
It was quiet and a cool breeze was blowing through so I took off my helmet and walked around for  a few pictures.

From the cemetery I headed south on River Road to 99 through Gold Hill and home.
Wow, what a ride.  Nice day!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

E2E Shots from Grants Pass

It's been getting pretty hot in the afternoon so I headed out early and rode up to Grants Pass to get some building pictures for the E2E Rally.  It was a beautiful morning and I had the roads to myself.

I rode up the back way (not the highway) and saw this little fire department.

Fire Department - 2 points
Applegate #9 

Oversized sign
Really Big Shoe 
This beauty is the John and Susanna Ahlf House. Built in 1902.

Amos Earle Voorhies House built in 1929. 

George Calhoun House built in 1910.

George H. Lundburg House built in 1914.
Robert and Lucy McLean House built in 1890.

Grants Pass Courthouse

Historic Location 
Newman Methodist Episcopal Church 1890

Historic Location - James Kendall House 1903

Had a great cup of coffee and a peach muffin at a bakery with a drive through window.

Oversized sign - Big bunny

Albert B. and Mary Cornell House.  Built in 1925 in the Mission/Spanish Revival.

Michael Clemmons House, built in 1905. 
This lovely charmer is the Dimmick-Judson House.  It's vacant with plywood over the broken windows upstairs AND it's for rent! 

Rogue River Police Station

Rogue River City Hall

Cemetery Over 100 years old.  The Rock Point Cemetery is outside of Gold Hill just north of the House of Mystery on River Road.  While I was there I thought it was the perfect place for a geocache so I looked it up and there was one just 150 feet away from my bike!  I took a short walk up a hill and found it, signed the log then had to sit down on a small wall to pick all of the burs off my pants.  Found a tick as well, will have to check myself later!


These are the biggest headstones I have ever seen.  They almost look like crypts but there was no lid to push off!