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Saturday, November 22, 2014


I can't believe I lost my drivers license!  I had it out to test drive a car a few weeks ago and then next time I needed it, it was not in my wallet.  Sucks!

I had to go down to the DMV in Medford.  I got there late in the afternoon after work and the place was pretty packed.  What I hoped would be a quick in and out started to look like a long stay.  The number board said they were helping customer #185 and I had been given #212.

Anyways, I was sitting among the hoards of people, trying to stay comfortable and noticed a guy sitting across from me.  He had dirty pants, maybe had been worn for days, well worn

boots, a wallet chain at his waist, a Harley Davidson t-shirt and a motorcycle jacket.  A biker!

As I sat there, thinking that this guy was a real biker, he probably sweat motor oil.  He probably had a job where he used his hands, like a construction worker, mechanic, or the like.  He wore his dirt on the outside of his clothes.

It occurred to me that when I ride my bike my jeans are clean, my shirts are freshly laundered and my vests (leather and denim) still look new, even though I have had them awhile.  My clothes look clean and I thought that was probably a good thing.

I can't exactly wear my work dirt home - being a surgical nurse my clothes might be covered in blood.  I might look like a walking crime scene.  Random EMT's might think I have already been in an accident!

Maybe it's a good thing I'm a clean biker chick.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

June Ride

My Dad came up from Sonoma to join me for my June ride!  Instead of hitting the road, we did day trips from home.  More comfortable than staying in a hotel!

On Thursday the 19th we headed out around 10:00. 
The riders:  my husband Charlie on his BMW 1200RT, my father in law Chuck on his Can-Am Spyder, my father on his Suzuki V-Strom and me on my Harley Deluxe.

From Medford we headed South on Hwy 5 to Hwy 96 (Klamath River Highway) to Happy Camp, California.  It was about 60 miles of beautiful twisty roads with a river on one side.

We stopped for lunch at the Pizza place in Happy Camp and it was good.  They had sandwiches and slices of pizza.  It was much nicer than the Deli we went to last time!

After lunch we "went over the mountain" on Greyback Road towards Cave Junction, Oregon.  It was another 40 miles of twisty roads with great elevation.  The road from Happy Camp, California to Cave Junction, Oregon is a seasonal road and is closed due to snow in the winter.  It is a great road and worth the trip!

We stopped for a little break in O'Brien, Oregon to stretch our legs then turned on Fish Hatchery Road to New Hope Road to Hwy 238 and home through Jacksonville.

It was a great day, just a little over 200 miles and very fun.

Day 2 Friday
Chuck couldn't join us today so we were only three.  Our destination was Crescent City, California.  We went through Grants Pass to Hwy 199 through Selma and the Redwoods to Crescent City.  We all had fish and chips on the pier at a restaurant called The Chart House.  It was delicious and a lovely view as well. 

We took Saturday off.  Charlie and Dad went golfing in the morning and I got to sleep in late and have a lazy cup of coffee.  When they got back we gathered up our guns and went to the shooting range.  Dad got to sight in his rifle and we made lots of noise in the hills around White City. 

We went riding again on Sunday.  The three of us headed out once again and this time our destination was Crater Lake, Oregon.  It was Harley Davidson World Ride Day so I had to put in my effort!  We had breakfast before we left. 

We actually headed south on Hwy 99 to Ashland, Oregon and went North on Dead Indian Memorial Highway (a nice twisty uphill road).  We made a stop at Lake of the Woods and took some pictures of the lake.  The lake was pretty busy with lots of potential fish catchers and boaters. 

Hwy 140 to Hwy 62 took us past Klamath Lake and up to Crater Lake.  The lake was stunning.  The water was completely flat and had the most beautiful reflection of the mountains and sky.  We rode around the west side of the lake stopped for some photos and headed back towards home via Hwy 230 and back to Hwy 62.

We thought we would stop for lunch at Becky's but it was crawling with people so we kept going.  We tried Prospect but the restaurant was still closed (new management hasn't opened it yet I guess).  My dad needed gas so we stopped in Shady Cove and had a late lunch at Miguel's on the river.  It was nice sitting on the patio, watching the people floating by on their rafts.

We had such beautiful rides and I'm so glad I got to share them with my Dad, husband and father in law.

November Trip 2014

November Trip 2014
Wow, can't believe the weather was so great!  I headed out Tuesday afternoon.  It was very overcast and I was actually worried it would get worse but the skies got more blue as I went south.
I was shocked at how low Lake Shasta has gotten so I stopped for a photo.

I stopped for a photo in Yreka and kept heading for blue skies. 

I spent the night in Redding at a Rodeway Inn.  It was a little cheaper than I usually stay but it looked pretty safe.  I got into my room and it was a little questionable.  I sat down on the bed to watch T.V. and my head rested on the headboard and my hair kind of stuck to something sticky.  I got a towel to cover up the sticky spot.  Gross!
I had a very late lunch at a Chinese food down the street and got lunch for a homeless guy sitting at the nearby bus stop.
I picked up some cranberry juice at a mini-mart/gas station and made cosmopolitans in my room with the small bottles of Vodka I brought with me (no need to find a bar for a drink!)
This morning I laid a towel on the shower floor to make me feel a little better about the bathroom then packed up my bike and headed home.  

It was a beautiful day and the sky was blue.  I pulled over at the Mt. Shasta viewpoint to put on my sweat shirt.

I pulled over in Weed to put on my jacket as it was getting a little crisp going up the mountain.

Somewhere around Yreka I rolled over 16,000 miles so I pulled off the freeway to get a picture.  I considered myself lucky to be right near an exit as I got to 15,999! 

I was calculating in my head and I have put about 1000 miles a month on my bike since I bought it.  It sure has been awesome.  I feel so confident and I can say that the purchase of my Harley is among the top 10 things I have done in my life!