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Thursday, April 17, 2014

April Ride

Day 1 - Medford, Oregon to Eureka, California  199 miles

I headed to Eureka under cloudy skies.  There
was a 50% chance of rain today but weather checks have been looking clear for my destination. 

             "I" for Idlewild
 I stopped to see the light house and the ocean looked pretty stormy. 

Very friendly squirrel.

I crossed this little path towards the light house and realized the tide was coming in too fast for my comfort.  I didn't want to get stranded so I crossed back and went back to my bike.

Saw this cute face!

Down the coast a little farther I stopped for some photos.

Stopped at The Trees of Mystery for a photo of Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox.
So with a name like "Babe", I always though the blue ox was a girl.
I was wrong.

I'm walking up to the gift shop and some guy yells "HI PAUL!" and a voice from the big guy says "Hello visitor - and a big welcome wave for you!" and then the hand starts waving. 

Wow, I guess it's automated, that's cool.

The visitor says "How are you doing?"
Paul says "I'm fine and having a great day!" 

I say "Dude, you are freaking me out!"
Paul says "Oh, um, sorry!"

Me:  laughing my ass off!

"K" for Klamath.  Not a friendly town.  The lady in the picture started screaming at me, wondered why I was parking my "fucking bike on the fucking middle of the fucking sidewalk".  I told her she was "fucking welcome" as I rode off.

Cool neon sign.

I was on vapors as I pulled into Eureka but got gas and checked into the Red Lion.  As I was unpacking my bike it started to rain.  I got a great room and my bike is right outside my back door.

I wrapped a garbage bag over my seat to keep out the rain so I don't have to ride with a wet ass.
Day 2 - Eureka to Redding 208 miles
Getting Hammered!
"F" for Fortuna

"H" for Hydesville


Watch how you ride - these guys are waiting!

Lizard? Skink?  I don't know but he was very patient while I took his picture.

This tree is located about 30 miles west of Red Bluff on highway 36.  It has a lot more leaves on it than when I saw it a couple months ago, but you can still see the decorations.
This oak tree has hundreds of shoes in it.

I looked up "shoe tree" on Google and imagine my surprise, there are lots of these trees.

I brought a pair to add to the tree.

So you can picture me off the side of the road trying to throw a pair of shoes into a tree.  It was a lot harder than I imagined and it actually took me about 6 tries to get them up there.  They landed on a sucky little branch and hopefully if they fall out, someone will throw them back up there for me! 

Nice roads! 

I arrived in Redding around 3:30, gassed up and checked into a hotel.  Found another Red Lion and I got to park my bike right outside my hotel room again. 
Tomorrow I'm meeting some friends in Etna.
Day 3 Redding to Etna and home 265 miles
Shasta County Courthouse 
Hwy 299

Hwy 3  - it's now on my list of favorite roads.

This lake was so low.
The road went up from the lake and it was great.  There were some super tight 180 degree turns that went straight uphill and some gorgeous scenery that I couldn't see (to do so could have resulted in my death!)  It's not a road for beginners or the faint of heart!  It's pretty remote and sometimes I would go 20+ miles before seeing another car.
I met up with the gang at the Etna Brewery and had lunch.  We rode through town and got gas before heading north to the Liquor Mart!

Train at the gas station.

We took over the gas station - 15 bikes.

I had a great ride and got safely home.  The puppies were pretty happy to see me!