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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Klamath Falls

8-24-13 Klamath Falls Ride

I headed out this morning - destination Klamath Falls to get a picture of the Air Base.  I was internet surfing the night before and saw a blow up gorilla at a college and I was just thinking we needed a blow up gorilla around Medford.  I rode past the car dealership on 62 and couldn't believe my eyes - a giant blow up gorilla.

There was a blow up sheep at the mattress store.

I stopped at Fish lake for lunch.  There were a few campers and the lake looked pretty low.

Denny Creek Historic Landmark

A train in Klamath Falls.

Veterans Memorial - American Revolution

Veterans Memorial - Bosnia

First National Bank Building in Klamath Falls.

Klamath County Courthouse

                                                          Big Bucket in Klamath Falls.

Pelican statue
City Hall - Klamath Falls

And finally I got the Air Base.  All was quiet (sadly).  I wanted to see a couple jets take off but all I saw was the big jet at the entrance.

As I left the base it started to rain so I headed home.  As I headed up over the pass towards home, it cleared up and I got home warm and dry.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Solo Overnight

8-19-13  I packed up my bike on Thursday night in anticipation of my first solo overnight bike trip.  My destination was Roseburg if I wasn't too tired after work.  Without much fanfare I left the Surgery Center parking lot around 4:30pm and headed north. 

I stopped in Canyonville for a photo op.

I spotted a few old cars.

I found these covered bridges in Myrtle Creek.

Horse Creek Bridge.
I made it to Roseburg and found the town center and some nice buildings.

1st Presbyterian Church in Roseburg.

Douglas County Courthouse

Big Fire House

Had a pretty good steak.

Stopped on my way back to the hotel for a night time shot of a post office.
Had a great sleep at the Windmill Inn (more like an 8 hour coma) and got breakfast in the morning.  I spoke to a guy in the parking lot who hooked me up with the location of a steam train!

Some historic buildings.

                                                          I got some historic cemeteries.

And a big fence between the catholic cemetery and the protestant cemetery!

Hello Ducky!

Way north of town.
I was getting tired so I started making my way south.

Found this ugly eagle.

City Hall Myrtle Creek.

Shiny people in Grants Pass.
It was a fun trip but I was glad to get home to my husband and my puppies.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Butte Falls

8-11-13 Sunday
Kahler House - Jacksonville

John Bilger House 1863

Cute little family of deer crossed the street right where I was stopped to check my map.

P.J. Ryan House 1888 
Jeremiah Nunan House 1890
Judge Touvelle House 1916

Karewski House 1856 
Welcome To Butte Falls

Butte Falls Post Office

Static Train in Butte Falls

Riding along this lovely road I realized I was low on gas.  I knew Fish Lake didn't have gas on Sunday so I headed back to Butte Falls to get back to gas.


There was no open station in Butte Falls (it's Sunday)
  so I headed back down the hill.  Just as I was leaving town I saw a sign for the Historic           Location of the Butte Falls Flour Mill and I couldn't resist.  I turned down this dirt road and thought I was being pretty brave but then the road twisted down and there was ruts on both sides.

I couldn't turn around (believe me I tried!) so I had to commit to go down the road to the bottom and hope there was room to turn around.  This was at the bottom.

It was beautiful.  But no flour mill!

Maybe it was further down the road but I wasn't going to chance it!  I turned around and hauled ass back up the hill and back to civilization!

I decided on Shady Cove to get gas so I had lunch at Miguel's on the river.

Time to head for home.