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Friday, June 8, 2012

New GoPro

Got a GoPro Hero camera for my birthday last weekend.  I had the day off today and as it got warmer I decided to go for a motorcycle ride and try out my new camera (video).  I practiced  turning it on and off a few times and mounted it on my headlight. 

I got down the road a bit and at a stop, reached over and turned on the camera.  I traveled down the road, impressed with my maneuvering skills, looking forward to seeing my awesome ride on tape!!  I saw some deer running toward the road and hoped I caught them on my wide view.  I got to Ruch and stopped for coffee at the mini market and headed home.  The deer crossed the road in front of me when I went the other direction.  Wow!

When I got home I took the data card and put it into my laptop and the data card read - no data found!

I had turned the camera on and held the button down too long, turning it to photo mode.  Oops!  I will try again tomorrow on another ride!!

Beautiful day for a ride and thought I'd try out a few photos with my go pro on the road.  I've been doing videos but haven't learned how to edit the video's down to a reasonable length (or at least a less boring length)  These looked pretty good for my first pics but I need to practice different angles and mounts for the camera.