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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beemer's a no-go

My husband called me early this afternoon to announce the weather:  the skies were clear and the temperature was rising.  Could I get off early and go for a bike ride with him?  I told him I would have to see! 

I ended up getting off at 3:30 and rushed home.  I called him and told him to hurry home before it got too cold.  It was 50 by our backyard thermometer and I was ready!

I was sitting in the driveway when he pulled up.  He ran in and got his jacket on then rode his bike up from the back garage and stalled it in the driveway.  He tried to start it again and it was DEAD!  He hasn't ridden in awhile and didn't have it plugged in so his battery was dead.  It was weird that he was able to ride it 30 feet before it died.

He said (insert very sad voice) "Go ahead without me..."  I felt bad but I was dressed, so I went for a short ride.

I took a picture of Charlie's dead bike when I got home and tinted it blue because he sounded so sad!

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