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Friday, January 17, 2014

Expression or Junk?

There is a house down the street from where I live that has a front yard that is "decorated".  It's more than the usual grass and shrubbery (a herd of pink flamingos would be tame in comparison). 

I could call it the OMG yard because the first time you see it, that is what you say!

I have lived in my house about 7 years now and pass by it almost every day.  It makes me smile because it is so over the top.  The pictures don't do it justice.

One eared donkey.

                                      Little cabin with miner and donkey and trees.
Wolves in the bushes.

Mushrooms and frogs.

Swinger and blue bird in the tree.

Miner, donkey, western wheel, logs, rocks and antlers!


Horse drawn covered wagon.

Skull and eagle. 

Miner looks like he is whispering sweet nothings in the donkey's ear!

Red nose deer and windmill.

Howling coyotes.

Swinging bear.

Cowboy, cowgirl and dog.
There used to be more plastic horses along the fence line but they are gone. 
I get excited when I see excessive Halloween decorations or Christmas lights but I know those are just temporary (except for the Christmas lights my husband didn't take down for three years).  I'm not sure how I would feel about living next door to a house like this. 
So what do you think?
P.S. When my husband was in the Navy I went to a few wives-club meetings.  Anytime one of the group moved to a new house, the wives would get together, go to the new house in the middle of the night on the first night in the house and "decorate" the front yard with all the flamingos and yard gnomes we could get our hands on. 
Of course the next morning they would wake up to a crazy yard and all the neighbors would wonder how crazy their new neighbors were.  Good times!!

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