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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Here is a whole crap load of pictures I've been taking around a few towns.  I found out that I'm in 3rd place out of 200 entries in the E2E Motorcycle Rally.  I have to keep my lead!
Historic Location - Redwood Hotel aka Redwood Towers - Grants Pass

Post Office in Grants Pass

Historic Location - It's the Climate sign 
Historic Location - Herbert & Katherine Smith House, Grants Pass

Historic Landmark - Gold Hill High School


Self Portrait 

                                      Historic Landmark -Chavner Family House, Gold Hill

Big face in Ashland

Historic Cemetery in Ashland

Big Spider in Medford

Historic Landmark - Dr. Martin Vrooman House, Jacksonville

Historic Landmark - Purcell Log Cabin, Jacksonville

Historic Landmark - Herman Helms House, Jacksonville

Historic Landmark - Booker House 1880 Jacksonville

Historic Landmark - Rogue River Valley Railway Depot, Jacksonville

Hockenjos-Fick House

Big ducky in Grants Pass

Fire Department in Grants Pass

Big Cat in Grants Pass

Lumberjack in Grants Pass

Cool Barn in Grants Pass

Fire Department in Grants Pass

Big Wheel in Grants Pass

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  1. You've got some awesome snaps in this post! Love the Lumberjack Muffler man and the big head especially!