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Thursday, August 1, 2013

We went for a breakfast ride from South Medford to Applegate.  We took Hwy 238 through Jacksonville along the river and had breakfast at the My Way Café.  The special was coconut crusted French toast with almond peach sauce.  We were so into that!  After breakfast we headed back towards Medford  the long way and went through Buncom.  I went right past the ghost town buildings and didn't even see them.  Chuck asked if I wanted a picture of the historic ghost town and told me we just passed it!  We turned around to get pictures.

The General Store. 
The livery stable across the street.

When we were ready to leave my bike got stuck on the gravel and I couldn't push it backwards.  Chuck asked if I needed help and before he could get there, a passing motorist saw my dilemma and pulled over and got out to give me a shove backwards.  I love Medford! 

Down the road from Chuck's house is a historic marker and I stopped for a photo op.  Camp Baker 1855.  This camp was first established as a Fort during the Rogue River Indian War.  Reactivated at the opening of the civil war and garrisoned by the Baker Guards of the 1st Oregon infantry.  Named in honor of Colonel E. D. Baker killed in the battle of Balls Bluff in 1861. 

After barn cleaning (a Sunday tradition) I went to get some more pictures.

Hoover-Cooper Building in Medford.  Build in 1890, it has housed Lawrence Jewelers since 1964.

Taylor-Phipps Building built in 1909.

United States Hotel (Jacksonville) - 1880.  The first guests were President Rutherford B. Hayes and party.

Redmen's Hall (Jacksonville) - 1884

The Improved Order of Redmen was established in 1870 and was a prominent civic organization of that era.  Most members were of German descent.

Glenn Drum Hotel & General Merchandise  (Jacksonville) - 1858
                                                             Kennedy's Tin Shop (Jacksonville) -1861
Miller Gunsmith Shop (Jacksonville) -1858

First Presbyterian Church - (Jacksonville) 1881

Carriage House (Jacksonville) 1910


Henry Judge House (Jacksonville)


                                                      Davidson House (Jacksonville) 1870

                                                Chris Keegan House (Jacksonville) 1880


Plymouth Special Deluxe

St. Joseph Catholic Church (Jacksonville) 1858


Catholic Rectory (Jacksonville) - 1861

                             Jacksonville Inn - Ryan & Morgan General Store (Jacksonville) - 1863

                                               H. Judge Harness (Jacksonville) - 1858

                                              Robert Vinton Bealle House (Medford)

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