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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Klamath Falls

8-24-13 Klamath Falls Ride

I headed out this morning - destination Klamath Falls to get a picture of the Air Base.  I was internet surfing the night before and saw a blow up gorilla at a college and I was just thinking we needed a blow up gorilla around Medford.  I rode past the car dealership on 62 and couldn't believe my eyes - a giant blow up gorilla.

There was a blow up sheep at the mattress store.

I stopped at Fish lake for lunch.  There were a few campers and the lake looked pretty low.

Denny Creek Historic Landmark

A train in Klamath Falls.

Veterans Memorial - American Revolution

Veterans Memorial - Bosnia

First National Bank Building in Klamath Falls.

Klamath County Courthouse

                                                          Big Bucket in Klamath Falls.

Pelican statue
City Hall - Klamath Falls

And finally I got the Air Base.  All was quiet (sadly).  I wanted to see a couple jets take off but all I saw was the big jet at the entrance.

As I left the base it started to rain so I headed home.  As I headed up over the pass towards home, it cleared up and I got home warm and dry.

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