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Monday, August 19, 2013

Solo Overnight

8-19-13  I packed up my bike on Thursday night in anticipation of my first solo overnight bike trip.  My destination was Roseburg if I wasn't too tired after work.  Without much fanfare I left the Surgery Center parking lot around 4:30pm and headed north. 

I stopped in Canyonville for a photo op.

I spotted a few old cars.

I found these covered bridges in Myrtle Creek.

Horse Creek Bridge.
I made it to Roseburg and found the town center and some nice buildings.

1st Presbyterian Church in Roseburg.

Douglas County Courthouse

Big Fire House

Had a pretty good steak.

Stopped on my way back to the hotel for a night time shot of a post office.
Had a great sleep at the Windmill Inn (more like an 8 hour coma) and got breakfast in the morning.  I spoke to a guy in the parking lot who hooked me up with the location of a steam train!

Some historic buildings.

                                                          I got some historic cemeteries.

And a big fence between the catholic cemetery and the protestant cemetery!

Hello Ducky!

Way north of town.
I was getting tired so I started making my way south.

Found this ugly eagle.

City Hall Myrtle Creek.

Shiny people in Grants Pass.
It was a fun trip but I was glad to get home to my husband and my puppies.

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