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Monday, April 22, 2013

E2E 2013 April/May

E2E Motorcycle Rally
Equinox to Equinox Motorcycle Rally - E2E via The Pace Podcast

It's a motorcycle rally designed to get people out and ride - like I need a reason.  I do like taking pictures so what the hell.  You get points for posting pictures of things like city signs, post offices, and oversized roadside statues.  For all the rules, go to The Pace Podcast and check out E2E Rally.

4-19-13  I got my entry number today #0179 and took a quick ride to grab a couple of points.  I immediately thought of the big chairs on I-5 at Furniture Row.  My husband thought of the big Elk in Central Point.  It was a fun ride for a nice friday.

Oversized Roadside Statue - 7 points
Furniture Row Chairs

Oversized Roadside Statue - 7 points
Central Point Elk

KTM Dealer - 2 points

4-22-13  I actually had today off (monday) and went out for a ride to rack up some points for the E2E Rally.  I had a few ideas on where to get some pictures for points and figured the rest would just be a nice ride.  I headed south towards Phoenix where I knew there was a train on static display. 
Train Car on static display - 7 points
I headed down to Ashland to look for a "Welcome to Ashland" sign but I either missed it or they weren't very friendly.   I headed back north where I passed a "Welcome to Talent" and passed that sign going about 65 so I will get that on the next trip.  I knew there was a Fire Station on 99 so I stopped in for that picture.
Jackson County Fire District #5 - 2 Points
I was going slow enough to see this "Welcome to Phoenix" sign so I pulled in for a picture.

Welcome to Phoenix sign - 2 Points
Still going north I had seen a sign for a police station in Phoenix, Oregon about a thousand times but I didn't know where it was.  This seemed to be as good a reason as any so I followed the signs and on the way I found a Fire Station.

Jackson County Phoenix Station #3 - 2 points
Right next door to the Phoenix City Hall!

Phoenix City Hall - 3 points
And around the corner the Phoenix, Oregon Police station.  They don't appear to be much on signs.  With a city that small maybe everyone knows where it is.

Phoenix, Oregon Police station - 2 points
It was starting to get warm out so I decided to just ride.  If I saw something on the list I decided I was going to stop but if not I would just ride.  I headed up I-5 towards Gold Hill and came across another fire station.
Gold Hill fire station - 2 points
And a post office.

Gold Hill post office - 2 points
I headed across the valley.  It was getting warmer and thought I'd get just one more photo of something and I came across this fire house.

Fire District #3 in Eagle Point - 2 points.
Farther down that road another "Welcome to" sign.

Welcome to Dodge Bridge, Oregon - 2 points
OMG, just one more....

Post Office Eagle Point, Oregon - 2 points
 Now it's getting pretty warm and I still have my multi-layers on.  I'm starting to sweat a bit so it really is time to wind this down.  One more pic and I'm headed home.
Eagle Point Fire Department - 2 points
I'm going home...then I passed a sign for a "historical marker" and I couldn't resist.  So I followed the signs and it led me to a Covered Bridge!!  Heck, that's on my list so just one more...

Antelope Creek Covered Bridge - 5 points
Did I say it was hot with all that leather on?  I decided to sit in the shade and cool off.  I got my gear off and walked around and there was a row of large boulders with plaques on them.  I had found myself in the middle of a War Memorial Park.  Are you kidding me?  That's on my list!

Gulf War Memorial - 5 points

Afganistan & Iraq Veterans Memorial - 5 points

Vietnam Veterans Memorial - 5 points

Somalia Veterans Memorial - 5 points
You can see there is a fence behind the boulders and there is a sidewalk which leads to the covered bridge.  I wanted good pictures so I rode it down the sidewalk.  Once I was done there was no room to go forward and I couldn't turn around.  No problem, I'll just back up.  NOPE.  There was a slight slope that I wasn't aware of until I tried to back up.  After about 10 times of trying to rock it back I finally asked a guy sitting on a nearby bench to give me a push backwards.  Thank goodness I got out of there!  I got to the other side of the fence and got the rest of my pics.

Veterans War Memorial - 5 points

Korean Veterans Memorial - 5 points

World War II Veterans Memorial - 5 points
I sat in the shade under the trees and relaxed awhile.  Oregon is a beautiful place and I'm glad I live here.  Oh, and I can't forget my bike - I love it, I love it, I love it!! 
It has been such a beautiful week - weather wise.  I came down with a cold and didn't have the energy to ride after work.  I could breathe through my nose this morning and I had to ride. 
I got a couple  E2E shots and met some new people on the way.
We had breakfast at Ahuva Bagles and headed out for a few pics.
Medford Firehouse - 2 points

Cemeteries are on the list.  Charlie asked if the Pet Cemetery counted.  I told him it had to be over 100 years.  He asked if "dog years" counted - that's 7 times older than people years!  Sadly no but we stopped for a picture anyways. 
Pet Cemetery - 0 points
Went to D&S Harley and met a couple girls wanting directions to Tou Velle.  Charlie had to go show a house and I wasn't done riding so I offered to show them the way.  I didn't know there was a gathering.

It was getting warm so I shed my jacket and headed north and got a pic at the Eagle Point National Cemetery. 

VA Cemetary - 7 points
Pulled over for the White City sign.  If you know me you know that pulling off the road is a new thing for me.  My old bike was heavier and longer and I was always afraid I was going to drop it.  I was nervous around corners, gravel, etc.  Anything not flat and straight made me a bit nervous.  I surprised myself when I looked at that sign and just pulled off the road.  After the photo I just rode around it and pulled back onto the pavement.   AWESOME!!  (i love my bike)

Welcome to White City - 2 points

I headed home and stopped by the Honda/Kawasaki store.  I have my Yamaha on consignment and I just stopped in to say hi.  The manager was inside the front door and he said he sold my bike!  Color me happy.  I went home and picked up the title and drove back.  They got me a check and I was on my way. 

5-4-13 Saturday

Rode to the coast with my husband, father and father in law.  Picked up a few pics.
Oversized Roadside Statues - 7 points
Crescent City Ocean Park
Welcome to Old Town Bandon
Bandon, Oregon
There were so many more pictures I wanted to get but my back was hurting and I didn't want to have everyone waiting on me to take pictures.  With just 50 miles to go I just wanted to be there already.  I ended up doing 420 miles and it was too much too soon. 
5/8/13 Wednesday
I got off work early today and I wanted to go out and get some more pictures and I had a few in mind.

Oversized Roadside Statue - 7 points
Blackbird Store Medford, Oregon

Police Station - 2 points

Police Station - 2 points
Another beautiful day!
I got called off work and it's a beautiful day.  The road was calling - no, screaming!  Despite my lingering chest cold and sinus headache I had to ride.  My original destination was Applegate Dam - one of my favorite rides.  I had a few stops to make of course for pictures.
First stop was the giant poppies on the way to Jacksonville.
Big Ass Poppies - 7 points

The McKee bridge was built in 1917.  I have walked across it several times but is closed now due to instability.  There is a McKee Bridge fund building to repair it and open it again.
Covered Bridge - 5 points

After the photo stop I went to the McKee bridge restaurant and had lunch.

On the way back I got a couple more fire stations.
Applegate District #9 - 2 points

Applegate District also #9- 2 points

Jacksonville Hill Summit - 5 points
5-11-13 Saturday
Wow what a beautiful day for a ride.  We went out early for breakfast up in Applegate then rode up to Murphy then back down to Jacksonville.  Got a couple pics.
Applegate Post Office - 2 points

Fire Department - 2 points
This was my first time taking pictures from my helmet camera.  I have to work on the angle of the camera and maybe other mounting angles. 

I did manage to get a lot of pictures with my hand or arm in view.  You can see a little of my arm on the left corner of this shot.

Went out for lunch on the bikes so added a couple more pics for today.
Military Base - 5 points

Fire Station - 2 points
8th Street and Lincoln (NO SIGN!)
Was in the Bikers Have Heart ride on 5-18-13, and got a little off track.  When I stopped to make a call out for help from my husband I found that I was right across the street from a fire department.
2 points

Our ride went through Jacksonville so I stopped for a couple more pics.
Cemetery > 100 years - 7 points

Jacksonville Post Office - 2 points

Final destination for the Bikers Have heart - nice coincidence.
Oversized road sign - 7 points
5/23/13 Afternoon ride for pics led med downtown in Medford. 
Medford City Hall - 3 points

Realized I parked next to a car the same color as my bike - 5 points

Downtown Medford Police Station - 2 points

Cemetery >100 years old - Central Point - 7 points

Military Monument, Central Point - 5 points

Historic Location - Mon Desir
Oversized Roadside Sign - Dutch Bros - 7 points

Oversized Roadside Sign - Juice bar 7 points
Jacksonville Fire Department Downtown -2 points

Historic Jacksonville City Hall - 3 points
Built in 1880-1881 at a cost of $2500. (including the land) it has been in continuous use since it's completion in 1881.

Historic Landmark - 5 points
Birthplace of Bozo the Clown
There is actually a geocache about 5 feet away from this sign.
Has Bozo been a bad boy?  The location of the largest working still in Jackson county is in Bozo's front yard!  Historic Landmark - 5 points

Historic Lodge in Jacksonville 5 points

Historic Landmark Beekman House 5 points

What a beautifully restored house.
   When I was younger I wanted to live in a cool old house like this.  I just love the historic value and the details of an old house.  Now I just see these a money pit.  They always need something fixed.  Add in a historical society and you'll never get anything done!
E2E 5-25-13

What a beautiful day for a ride.  It was 65 degrees with white fluffy clouds when I went out on my bike this morning. 
My first stop was the Voorhees Mansion  because is a Historic Landmark.  I parked my bike out front and got a picture of the building and the plaque.  After I took two pictures, my camera said the battery was dead.  Oh, I checked it before I left and the battery was fine!  I should have charged it up last night.
I drove around, up to Gold Hill and Central point and got some pics.  I always giggle when I turn the corner on Table Rock Road when I see these enormous heads.  I rode in to get a better angle for my picture and found more of these heads inside the park!
Oversized Roadside sign - 7 points

Indian #2 - 7 points

Indian #3 - 7 points

Central Point Post Office - 2 points
Thomas N. Anderson House in Gold Hill.  It's a cool old brick building.  There was an old nasty couch on the front porch and someone was living in there.  I didn't want to go on the property to get a picture of the historic plaque. It looked kinda creepy.
Historic Landmark - 5 points

I saw this building off the main street in Central Point.  With the beautiful brickwork and the front that said it was built in 1908 I was sure it would be historic but I didn't find a plaque.  I didn't see it on my landmark list but it was a beautiful building.
Red Brick Schoolhouse - 0 points
UPDATE:  Central Point Public School Historic Location but my bike isn't in the picture so I have to go back and get the proper documentation photo!

Central Point City Hall - 3 points

Police Department - 2 points
Memorial Day
It was raining when I woke up and it was a bit of a bummer but I figured I'd wait it out awhile, check the radar and venture out and get some pictures when I had a little blue sky peeking through.
New Post Office on 99 - 2 points

Historical Landmark - Elks Lodge 5 points
This is a beautiful building.  I initially pulled into the parking lot but when I walked around the building I figured the sidewalk  was a better picture.  I have gotten a little more brave and am not embarrassed to drive down the sidewalk to get a better picture.

Historic Landmark Plaque

Pretty tile

Detail of the clock.
Historic Location - Sparta Building 5 points

There used to be a Mexican food restaurant but this beautiful building is vacant right now. 

Historic Landmark - Central Fire Hall 5 points
No points for being a fire station because it's a brewery and dance hall now.

Inside the brewery, looks like a cool place for a beer after work.  The back wall is all copper with taps on it.

The ACME Hardware Building isn't doing hardware anymore.

The sign was working and very pretty.

A lady working in the building came out and took my picture for me.
The Holly Theatre is under renovation.  I took a peek inside and it was all torn up.  The plans to renovate look expensive but quite beautiful.

Historic Landmark - 5 points

I love the look of the old red brick.  It looks hand pressed and rough.

Court House - 3 points

The ironwork is beautiful.

 Iron sconce.
Historic Landmark - 5 points

The detail on the top of the building was very art deco.
It had rained on and off during this ride but the rain started pelting me pretty hard so I headed home.
5-29-13 Wednesday
Went for a short ride after work and got a few pictures. 
City Hall Talent, Oregon - 3 points

Train Depot in Talent.  What a cool looking building.

Wagner Creek School Historic Landmark - 5 points 

There was a beautiful old bell at the front doors.  It was so quiet and peaceful that I didn't ring it. 

Old bench seat outside the front door.

Central Point Public School Historic Landmark - 5 points


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