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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bikers Have Heart Ride 2013

The Bikers Have Heart ride was last weekend.  It was put on by D&S Harley Davidson and all the proceeds went to assist a little boy named Mateo.  All the participants gathered in the D&S Harley Davidson parking lot to sign the necessary waivers and purchase the Yatzee cards to play the game.
It was a very overcast day and the weatherman predicted rain but I kept hoping the clouds would part and the sun would shine on our ride. 
The line up to sign up.

I got signed up and didn't see anyone I knew.  Our first stop was Colver park and I know where that is since it is down the street from my father-in-law's house.  I knew where I was going but it had been awhile since I had ridden in a group.  Since I had a new Harley Davidson I looked forward to riding in a group of Harley's, to be part of the pack, a group of outlaws. 
So, when they pulled out I did the outlaw move and snuck in behind them!  It was a group called Iron Horse Riders and there were about 15 in the group.  We made our way down back roads and were heading AWAY from the destination on the handout.  I wondered what beautiful back road route they were taking as I wasn't in charge.  I was following the group.
We got down the road about 4 miles and the group pulled over to the side of the road. 
Are we stopping already?  This isn't Colver Park!   There was lots of hand signals and arm waving and some girl got off and kept walking into the middle of the road and waving at cars passing by.  Finally she walked into the road again and spun her arm in a circle over her head.
HaHaHa!  The group I'm following is lost! 
Hell, I knew where the park was.  For the first time I was better off on my own.  I turned around with everyone else and headed back in the right direction.
It was lightly raining and at that point I was only 2 miles from home but I decided to carry on and continue the ride.  Our first stop at the park was uneventful and it was raining so I didn't take pictures.  I wanted to be ready when the group rode out to join them.
Our next stop was Mercedes of Medford.  The rain stopped which permitted me a few extra moments to look at bikes and take a few photos.

The red bike below had lots of cool additions including lights on the foot boards and under the gas tank.  The back seat had arm rests and cup holders!

Line up for Yatzee!

I was near the back of the group and there was a straggler so I waited for her.  Everyone just took off and left her so I waited.  We got around the corner and she pulled over.  I pulled over with her and she said her glasses were under her helmet.  Once she was settled she said she was a little pissed that everyone had left her behind.  We carried on till we got to a turn in the road.  I was turning left and she had her right signal on.  I asked her what was going on and she said she didn't feel well and was going home.
I figured she was probably a little butt hurt that her friends would leave her behind.  I had directions to the next stop so I carried on by myself.   I was alone again and completely confident that I would finish the ride just fine. (and not get too lost...)
The next stop was Rainey's Corner.  I had been there many times but couldn't remember what the name of the road was.  The directions said to take road 238 and when I passed 234 I wondered if the directions could be wrong.  It was written twice so I carried on.  About 10 miles later I found myself in Shady Cove (way past Rainey's Corner) so I pulled over to the side of the road to place a call-out to my supreme navigator - my husband who had to work that day.
Where did I go wrong?
Turns out the directions were wrong but when I looked up from my phone call I noticed I was across the street from a Fire Station - one of the needs for my E2E Motorcycle Rally.  After I hung up the phone I went across the street to get my picture.

Fire Station Shady Cove
I finally made it back to Rainey's Corner and was not far behind the group I was with earlier.  I played my Yatzee rolls then went inside the market to grab a snack.  Water and a bag of Bugles corn snacks - a guilty pleasure!

When I came out from the market, the group was still there and I decided to carry on as I was doing so well on my own. (HaHa)

The roads dried up and it was clear sailing across Sam's Valley.  I didn't even see another motorcycle until I got to my next stop.
The next stop was in Jacksonville at Ray's Market.  I played my dice and saw a sign for the historic cemetery in Jacksonville and that was on my E2E list so up the hill I went.  It was a beautiful cemetery and I thought I found a great spot for a picture.
I got to the side of the road and put my kickstand down and started to lean my bike over and it kept going past where it was supposed to stop.  I was at the edge of the pavement and the recent rain had made the dirt was a little too soft.  I caught the bike before it went over but I was a little stuck.  I didn't want to strain my back but I didn't want to dump my bike!  I was all alone on a slanted road in an old cemetery.  I dug in and slowly pulled the bike to upright and let out a big sigh of relief.  I then found a more stable area to park and take my pics. 

Cemetery > 100 years old

 There is a place in Jacksonville that rents Segways and they give tours which go up to the cemetery.  It was a rainy day and I didn't see any tours.
My next stop was the final stop - Roxy Ann Bowling in Medford.  I knew where that was, but there's a Post Office!  Another E2E picture!

Post Office Jacksonville
Just my luck, oversized roadside signs are on my E2E list so a quick stop at the Roxy Ann entrance got me a few more points.

Oversized Roadside Sign

Bikes lined up at Roxy Ann.
Little Mateo (the benefactor of the ride) was there at Roxy Ann with his full time nurse, in his wheel chair on his ventilator. His parents were there, mom looked a little astonished.  Poor little boy wasn't  aware we were there for him.  How sad.
I finally saw a couple people I know and we talked awhile then I ordered my lunch.  I decided to make it to go and spend the late afternoon with my puppies.  French fries?  Yes, the dogs love French fries!  I talked to some more people while waiting for my chile cheese dog.  I packed my double wrapped hot dog and fries into my new saddle bags and behold the sky had opened and the sun was out.  Finally!  But there were black clouds behind the blue sky so I headed home.
It was a beautiful ride and now I know with good directions (and emergency phone call) I can successfully navigate my own bike ride.
E2E  Update - So far I'm at 51 pictures posted @ 177 points.  There are people with over 200 pictures but I'm actually in the top 10 I think.  Weather is supposed to be more rider friendly this weekend and I have three days off to get more pics.  Can't wait!

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