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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Snow and Lemon-Aide

Took a long ride this morning.  We had a donut at Pucks in Phoenix and headed north.  We stopped at Fish Lake and took some pictures.  It was still pretty cold up there with snow on the ground.  Glad we didn't run into the bears that had been spotted in the area!

It was a nice ride and the weather was great. 
We stopped in town to get a picture for the E2E bike rally:
We were on our way home and right around the corner from our house was a lemonaide stand.  Two young boys were out with a table and chairs selling lemonaide for 50 cents a glass.
We pulled over to buy a couple of glasses and gave him a dollar as a tip.  He was so happy and then his mom told us he was doing this to send the money for the people in Boston who "got blown up by the bomb".  He then told us the story that has been all over the news.  He said he was sending the money to help.
A big THANK YOU to Medford, Oregon local boys Zach and Nate for their kind efforts and mom Sue for her support!

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