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Monday, May 25, 2015

Chip Exchange

Chip Exchange
Not too long ago I noticed poker chips at the check-out counters at Harley Davidson dealerships.
I asked and they said some people collect them.  I started picking one up at dealerships I visited - after all they were only $1.00.
Awhile back I joined a Facebook website called "Ladies of Harley" and started trading chips with other members online. 
I used to check my mailbox once or twice a week but now in anticipation of chips, I check my mailbox every day.  When a chip comes I have been known to do a little happy dance in front of the mailbox.  The neighbors probably think I've gone a little nuts!
Over this past weekend I actually had a four chip day!
I received three chips in the mail and my Dad brought me a chip from his trip to Colorado. 
Big happy dance!

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