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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Too tired to ride?

A few days ago the weather was nice and I wanted to ride but I decided I was just too tired.
OMG, How can I be too tired to ride?   Is that even possible?  I do have a ton of stuff going on and things do add up. 
My Dad just moved up here a couple of months ago.  My husband got a new job (with new crazy hours).  My husband's parents moved as well this week after a lengthy sale of his prior house. 
I'm also getting new floors, and my own house is a disaster.  The hardwood floors are done in a couple rooms but the carpet isn't in yet.  I'm officially now one of those stupid people who live in a house that is going through renovations. 
I took a short ride with the girls last weekend and the weather hasn't been completely cooperative so it's not entirely my fault.
I have a few days off in a couple weeks and there are three of us girls who are taking a couple days ride.  I'll make up a bit of time then.

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