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Friday, November 1, 2013

Itsy Bitsy Spiders

I took a great ride last weekend starting in Medford I rode north towards Shady Cove and took the back road to Canyonville.

I found this nice covered bridge near Tiller.

I had lunch in Canyonville and walked around the antique stores in town.

I found a geocache nearby after lunch.

I found the spiders near Wolf Creek about 20 miles north of Grants Pass.

I love the pincers on the front of the spider-car.

After taking pictures of the spider cars I stopped at the nearby gas station to fill up prior to heading home.  I got gas and when I tried to start my bike, it was dead!
I had the guy at the pump give me a push to get out of the way of other cars and then I called Charlie to let him know of my predicament.  He said he would head home and hook up the trailer.
In the mean time I called D&S Harley Davidson and they told me it was not suggested I jump the bike.  So there I was, 50 miles from home with a dead bike.
I must have looked pathetic because a local guy walked by and asked if I needed assistance.  He looked like he knew his way around motorcycles with his long beard and easy demeanor. 
We put our heads together and figured out how to get the seat off and stared at all the wires.  He said he had rebuilt a 60's Harley from the ground up (I was impressed) but his didn't have that many wires.  I told him I've always gone with wiggling all the wires - it couldn't hurt.  I wiggled a few and the lights turned on. 
He went and got a screwdriver and tightened the battery connection and it fired right up.
I wasn't going to take any chances so I beat cheeks all the way home. 
It was a beautiful ride and I went over 150 miles.
I'm nearing the end of my last class for my bachelor's degree in nursing.  I can't believe it's almost over.  After the power point is done I have to do a paper on healthcare reform.

Yup, my new favorite subject.  I still haven't figured out what I'm going to write about but I've got a couple weeks to figure it out. 

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