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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oversized Signs

Here is a collection of oversize roadside attractions.  Sometime called "Americana" 
I started taking pictures of these things with my motorcycle for the Pace Podcast Equinox to Equinox Motorcycle Rally. 
Big Foot statue in Happy Camp, California

Big Foot has big toenails as well!
Teacup in Happy Camp, California 

After the Tsunami a couple years ago, garbage started drifting over from Japan.  Some of the garbage has been transformed into statues in Bandon.  Here is a big fish. 

Seal made from trash in Bandon, Oregon

Gift Shop Ship


T-Rex on Oregon Coast
                                                  I swear this Big Foot looks stoned to me.

This Big Foot looks a little confused!

Silver Dancing people in Grants Pass, Oregon

Big bucket in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Big head in Ashland, Oregon

Enormous fly on bathrooms in O'Brien, Oregon

Fire Hydrant at Vet's office in Central Point, Oregon

Rooster in Sonoma, California

Star Memorial in Sonoma, California

Metal dog at dog pound near Sonoma, California

T-Rex near Sonoma, California

Big rooster in Rogue River, Oregon

Eagle at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, Oregon

Blackbird in Medford, Oregon

Bowling Pin in Medford, Oregon

Axe Man in Medford, Oregon
Spiders in Wolf Creek, Oregon.


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