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Saturday, June 1, 2013

E2E 2013 June

June 1, 2013 Saturday

What a beautiful day for a ride.  We (father-in-law Chuck, husband Charlie and I) headed out to Prospect to have breakfast.  It was about 55 degrees when we left. We pulled over at Shady Cove for a picture.
Welcome to Shady Cove - 2 points
And some pics from the road.


Fire Department Prospect - 2 points
Post Office Prospect, Oregon - 2 points
Prospect is one of my favorite rides to do in summer, especially to ride up to the Café for breakfast or lunch.  They have great food and awesome pie.  The Café is only about 7 miles shy of Becky's where the pie is supposed to be "the best" but I like the Prospect Café pies better.

Historic Landmark - 5 points
Prospect Hotel
Build in the late 1800's it was originally used as a stage coach stop.  It is now a bed and breakfast.

The porch looks so inviting I wanted to grab a book and a drink and have a long sit.
But I wasn't alone so we pressed on.  These are the back way going back to the road.  Love this road.  It's short but pretty and goes past the Mills Falls rest area.

Back on the main road.
 Antelope Creek Bridge.  I got pictures of this for points as a covered bridge but came back to get points as a historical landmark - 5 points.  We all walked across it.

Right next to the Antelope Bridge is the Butte Creek Flour Mill.  Historic Location 5 points.
It has a great store inside as well with a gift shop and next door a museum.

                 Built in 1872, it's a beautiful big building next to Antelope Creek in Butte Falls.
Our final destination was Lost Creek to get a picture of the Lost Creek covered bridge.
Lost Creek bridge as a Historic Location - 5 points

Lost Creek Bridge as a covered bridge - 7 points
Built in 1919, the covered bridge is 39 feet long making it the shortest covered bridge in Oregon

Chuck and his Can-Am at Lost Creek Bridge.

Charlie at Lost Creek Bridge.

On the way back I got a picture of the cute fire department at Lost Creek.  Charlie said that the firemen at Lost Creek might be offended if they heard I called their fire department "cute".
Nearly every time I start my bike, I have a difficult time getting the bike into neutral to get it started again.  I occasionally have to try 10 times or more before I get it right.  I wondered if I was doing something wrong so we decided to stop at D&S Harley Davidson on the way home to find out if I was doing something wrong.
It turns out that it is one of the quirks of the engine.  Terri Martin said that sometimes moving the bike back or forward and trying again helps.  The quirk is present in a couple of the models.  I was actually glad to find out I wasn't doing something wrong.  I don't mind a little quirk.
We also stopped at Hansen's and I actually found a helmet that fit properly and looked good too.  It's a pearl black Arai.  It's the right size so it's a lot tighter than my old helmet and it's much quieter.  Hanson's actually let me take it on a short test ride! 
I have needed a new helmet for quite awhile but had to find the right one.  I wanted a good one so decided to wait until my birthday and make it a present.  So, happy birthday to me!!
Charlie had to work but that wasn't going to stop me!  I had a new helmet and I HAVE to start breaking it in!  I went out to get some E2E pictures and started in downtown Medford.

Historical Landmark building - 5 points
The West Side Feed and Sale Stable was built in 1906 and has been used for numerous businesses over the years. The building still has the Coca-Cola bottles painting on the side.  It's more of a ghost  now but still cool looking.

Historic Landmark building - 5 points.  Liberty building in downtown Medford.  A lot of these old buildings have great tile work and lots of granite.
Located in the heart of Medford's central business district, construction on the Liberty building began in 1909, when the first two stories were completed. In 1911, an additional two stories were added. This building was one of many designed by well-known Medford architect Frank C. Clark. It is the second-tallest structure in Medford, behind only the reincarnated Hotel Medford (the original Hotel Medford, razed in the late 1980s, was another Frank Clark design).

I love the look of the old neon signs.  I have to remember to come back in the evening and get these pictures with the neon glowing.

Historic Location - 5 points  Woolworth Building

Post Office - 2 points
I spent about 2 hours washing my bike earlier in the week and it was looking pretty good.  When Charlie got home  he told me there was a spit shine contest at D&S coming up and he thought I should enter.  I decided to go for it and spent another two hours making sure the bike was perfect. 
Of course on Saturday morning I had to go for a ride.  We rode up to Applegate for breakfast then headed to the show.

Lots of bikes, a band (AKA was pretty good), BBQ and they even gave away a Harley Davidson! 

Not all the bikes were Harley's

Extreme Custom class.

Antique class.
It ended up being a pretty long afternoon but when all was said and done, I won 2nd place in the women's division.  I got a framed certificate and hung it up in my garage already!

Pretty farm scene

Fire Department - 2 points Rogue River
This cracked me up!  Oversized Roadside Sign - 7 points

I made it up to the Caveman in Grants Pass. 

Oversized Roadside Sign - 7 points

Considering his face, I think this is his good side!

Police Station - 2 points

Fire Department - 2 points  Sadly the bears don't count as an oversized roadside sign because there are real bears bigger than these.

Post Office - 2 points  Grants Pass

Chinese Food - 1 point

Historic Landmark - 5 points
Josephine Hotel is now a cute little restaurant called MaMosas in Grants Pass.

It was a beautiful cool day.  I got off work early and had to go for a ride.  A little windy but nice big white puffy clouds and sunshine.
Military Monument - 5 points
WWII stone at the Talent Elementary School (now a historic monument)

Police Department - 2 points
Talent, Oregon

Historic Location 5 points
Talent, Oregon

Historic Location - 5 points
Talent Elementary School

Beautiful day!  I went out to get some E2E shots and take a little ride.  My first stop was Porters, formerly known as the Medford Southern Pacific Railroad Passenger Depot.  I found the plaque inside the lobby with the help of one of the guys that worked there. 
Historic Landmark - 5 points 
I have been to this restaurant several times and they have excellent food. 

The Grand Hotel was just a stones throw away so I got a picture too. 

                                                        Historic Landmark - 5 points

 The Cooley-Neff Warehouse at 340 N. Fir Street is a Spanish looking building and when you get close up it looks like it has a 3 inch coat of paint on it.
Historic Landmark - 5 points

We headed north through Rogue River to Grants Pass and saw this fire department.

Too bad salmons don't get this big!
Oversized roadside sign - 7 points
Went out for some pics after work.  Nice day, 70's and they said 40% chance of rain.  No problem.  I headed into Medford to get a couple of Historic Landmarks.
Washington Elementary School
Historic Landmark - 5 points

They have a cool bell out front.

Historic Location - 5 points
Edgar F. Hafer House
 Originally built in 1905 by Frank Chamberlain Clark, it served as a funeral home for 75 years.  This beautiful house is now used for St. Mark's church offices.
Historic Landmark - 5 points
The Schuler Apartment Building was originally built in 1925 by architect Richard Schuler.  It's still being used as an apartment building and there are places for rent!

Courthouse - 3 points
Jackson County Courthouse isn't being used anymore but it's still a great old building.

6-22-13 Saturday
Another beautiful day for a ride.  Headed out with the destination of Canyonville, Oregon.  We started out just before 8:00am and it was a cool morning in the 50's.  We headed up 5 North to Hwy 62 and north to past Shady Cove to the Tiller/Canyonville exit.  It's a lovely road, well marked, some tight curves and beautiful views.
Fire Department - Tiller - 2 points

Post Office - Tiller - 2 points

Fire Department - Days Creek - 2 points

Post Office - Days Creek - 2 points

Welcome To Canyonville - 2 points

Post Office - Canyonville - 2 points

Courthouse - Canyonville - 3 points

Fire Department - Canyonville - 2 points

Oversized Roadside Sign - Eagle at Seven Feathers

We went inside and looked around the gift shop and planned to have lunch in the sports bar but there was far too much smoke for my sensitive nose - I couldn't breathe!  We did stop on the way out and played some slot machines.  It was fun.  We spent about $15.00 and headed down the road for a less smoky place for lunch.

Historic Location - Wolf Creek Inn - 7 points
Built in 1883, it is the oldest continuously used hotel in the state of Oregon.  It was originally             built as a stagecoach stop hotel. hotel" for folks traveling on the stagecoach

In the late 1970's it was refurbished to it's 1920's charm!

Fire Department - Wolf Creek - 2 points

Gas stop and gift shop in Wolf Creek.

Hit a couple of juicy bugs.

Covered Bridge - Grave Creek - 7 points

After I got my pictures I told Charlie that we had to ride through it.  He wondered if that was part of the contest and then he found out I simply rode through so I could rev my engines!  (insert husband eye-rolls here...) 
 6/23/13 Sunday

Historic Location - "Pop" Graves House - 5 points

Built in 1920 by Medford Architect Frank C. Clark. The house is notable as a fine example of a gambrel-roofed structure, but what makes it most historically important is that it is associated with Charles Edwin “Pop” Gates, a prominent businessman, statewide political figure, and a two-term Medford mayor.

 The Dr. John F. and Mary Reddy House Built in 1910 it is the city's best examples of Arts & Crafts and Tudor period homes.  Dr. Reddy moved from Seattle and became active in the mining industry and became mayor of Medford.

Historic Location - 5 points

Fire Department - Central Point- 2 points

There were people directing cars near the fire station so when I finished my pictures I went over to ask what was going on.  They said there was a train park, it's free and you can go in.  I explained that I was doing a bike rally and I would love to go get pictures of the train but I had to have my motorcycle in the pictures.  The lady said - hold on, I'll make a call!!  (I love Medford!)  I was escorted back by a man in an orange safety vest in a golf cart!

Static Train - Red Car #1 - 7 points

Static Train - Coal Car - 7 points

Static Train - Red Car #2 - 7 points

Static Train - Orange Car - 7 points

Static Train Car - Grey - 7 points

Static Train Car - Red #3 - 7 points
What a lucky day! 
6/29/13 Saturday
It's another beautiful morning but it's going to be hot this afternoon. 
Post Office - 2 points

Court House - 3 points

Historic Location - 5 points
Medford Plaza Apartments at 8th Street and Oakdale

Not sure why this is on the historic registry except for it's really old.  There are big glass doors and the lobby is locked.  You have to have a key to get in.

Historic Location - 5 points
Andrew Fredenburg House
Built in 1892 for Andrew J. Fredenburg, a pioneer who crossed the Oregon Trail in 1864 and eventually settled in Medford with his wife Susannah and their eight grown children in 1884; they were among the city's first residents. Fredenburg lived at the house from 1892 until his death in 1911. His descendants held the property until 1921. Today the house has been adapted for use as professional office space

Historic Location - 5 points
335 Main Street 

Historic Location - 5 points
McAndrews Barnum Building
Built in 1895 it is now the location of the Republican Offices

Historic Location - 5 points
Palm-Goldy Building
Built in 1902

Historic Location - 5 points
Wilkinson-Swem Building
Built in 1895 as a meat market it's now an art gallery.

Historic Location - 5 points
Dr. E. B. Pickel Rental House 
Built in 1900 in Gothic Revival style.

Historic Location - 5 points
Michael Hanley Farmstead built in 1857
They were setting up for a wedding and what a lovely setting that would be. 

This is a historical tree!  The seedling for this tree was carried here by a pony express rider inside of a potato to keep it moist. 

Welcome to Central Point - 2 points

I found Elvis!
I ended up in Rogue River for breakfast at a cute little diner called Route 99.  Next door was a Santa Clause in an Elvis suit.  He was singing songs outside his barber shop.  The food at the diner was great (the eggs were perfect and the coffee was good and strong!)  Being right on a biker route, I was surprised it was empty.  Every time the door opened, the singing got very loud from next door and it made me laugh!

Welcome to Rogue River - 2 points

Oversized Roadside Sign - 7 points
Big Rooster in Rogue River!

I already got my point for a vehicle the same color as my bike but since then I have seen so many more awesome vehicles the same color as my bike.  This was hard to resist.  I missed an awesome pic of an old Thunderbird a couple weeks ago.

Historic Location - 5 points
Charles & Elizabeth Hatch House, Rogue River

Welcome to Gold Hill - 2 points

Historic Location - 5 points
Old Stage Road

Still a nice choice of roads.  I have seen the markers many times and never put it together with the name (Old Stage) with a historic location (the stagecoach road) and when I put it together I said "DUH!!" and stopped for a picture.
Point total for today: 73!
Sunday 6/30/2013
I got a ride in early because it's going to get warm today - predicted 103 in Medford.  118 in Phoenix, Arizona and 130 in Death Valley - ouch!
It was in the 70's when we headed out - destination Applegate Lake with a stop in Jacksonville for some pictures.
Historic Location - 5 points
Kahlers Law Office in Jacksonville, Oregon

Historic Location - 5 points
The Love House - Jacksonville, Oregon

House was built in 1854. John and Margaret Love were part of the Lost Wagon Train and Margaret was the first person to be buried in the Jacksonville cemetery


Covered Bridge - 5 points 

Got up to the lake and it was much fuller than I expected.  Spent some time chatting with the owner and some of our local law enforcement.


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