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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Barns & Flowers & Stuff 2009


Jessie waiting for me to come to bed.

My first experience with heavy freezing fog. 

If the termites don't hold hands, this place will fall down.  There are lots of old barns up here in Southern Oregon about to fall down.

Table Rocks from the air. I took this from an airplane on a flight back from Arizona.

Lenticular cloud formation over Mt. Shasta.  I had to go to Weed, California to get my nursing license renewed and saw this over the mountain.  Not another cloud in the sky!  I love that they are called UFO clouds by some people.
Found this old barn at the top of the west hills in Medford.  So lovely after a light snow.
This barn is frequently stuffed with hay across from Hanley Farm north of Jacksonville, Oregon.  The hay is grown there on the farm and harvested the old fashioned way - with horses!
I have driven one horse and that takes a bit of skill.  I wouldn't even try to drive 4.  This was a treat to see this great old fashioned scene.


Big hail storm
This barn made of sticks wouldn't take much to blow down.
This dam got torn down to facilitate fish spawning up river.
Barn near Ashland.

Got pretty close to this guy before he flew off.
Not all barns are on the verge of falling down.

This barn is now the tasting room for Roxy Ann Winery.

Taken from the road in Northern California.

My first big-ass fish!

Nice view of Mt. Shasta from Mt. Ashland 
Hawaii December 2009

Chuck and Cindi at the Maui Aquarium

Our dive boat

Headed over to Molokini Crater

Charlie and his dad went for a ride on the QE2!

View from the back porch of the condo.  Loved waking up in the morning with the cool breeze and watching the sea turtles munching on the seaweed.
Welcome back to Oregon, here's your freezing fog!

Oh who am I kidding?  I love it up here.

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