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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bandon Trip

My birthday present this year from Dad and Jackie was a bike trip with my dad from Medford, Oregon to Bandon, Oregon.  We left Medford at 9:00 am on July 13 and headed to Crescent City, California through Jacksonville-Wilderville-O'Brien and through the redwoods in California.  It was a beautiful ride.  The weather was perfect!  We stopped in Crescent City for lunch then headed up Hwy 101 up the coast. 

Northern California and Southern Oregon on Hwy 101 is quite spectacular.  The road winds tightly between the ocean and the mountains.  The coastline is rocky with sometimes high mountains next to it.  As you go north on 101, the road winds into the trees and that is pretty much all you see - trees.  Occasionally you can view a glimpse of a small lake or the ocean through the trees.  We arrived in Bandon in the afternoon and checked into the Bandon Inn.

We opened the doors to get the ocean breeze and wrapped up in blankets and took a little nap.

A view from our room.



We walked into town, and walked around.  We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the harbor.  There was a very old shipwreck across the bay.

After dinner and a couple drinks, we walked back to the hotel and watched a movie and turned in.  We had some great riding planned for the next day.
In the morning we had a quick breakfast in the hotel lobby and headed north on Hwy 101 - more trees to see.  We stopped in Coos Bay, Oregon so I could pick up poker chips at the Harley Dealership (for trade), and continued up the coast into Reedsport. 

We turned onto Hwy 38 going east and followed it along the Umpqua River then turned south and took the back roads through Looking Glass, and Winston.  We had lunch in Winston at a little burger drive in then headed back to Bandon via Hwy 42.  We stopped at the Sandy Creek Bridge in Remote, Oregon. 

The last part of the ride was rather windy.  We stopped at a local store to pick up snacks and we noted the tree was bent from growing in the wind.

We got back to the hotel in the afternoon and relaxed before heading to town.

Bandon Inn has a cute little gift shop.

A corvette club was staying there from Northern California. 

Our favorite.

We walked to town for dinner and Dad noticed there were numerous pilings in the bay.  Evidence of old piers. 

I had to stop and get a picture of a real phone booth.

It still had a working phone inside of it!

The afternoon sun was beautiful.

We had dinner at Foley's Irish Pub.  It was the first notable food on the trip.  I had the Irish Meatloaf and Dad had the Shepherds Pie.  It was very good food and a very cute place. 
The morning of another perfect day.  The tide was out.

Dad doing a little reading.
We had a light breakfast in the hotel lobby again and talked to some of the Corvette folks.  One guy was polishing his lovely car and the reflection of the mirror made a heart on his car. 

Dad found a good looking road that cut off from Ophir heading east to Grants Pass.  I'm always up to trying a new road.  We stopped and got some pictures on the coast. 

We headed south on 101 finally found the right street heading inland.  We got about 26 miles from the coast and the road we planned to take got very narrow and went straight up hill.  There was a sign that said "Wilderness Road".  We had made an error.  We decided to go to Agnes, Oregon - only three miles away and see about lunch.  Here is the Post Office.

There was a cute little restaurant and gift shop with fresh vegetables growing in the back.

We asked to use the restroom and the lady directed us to "the little white building around the corner"

If you are ever lost and find yourself in Agnes, Oregon, you must have lunch.  The food is great and it is actually quite a busy place.  LOTS of people get lost there.  The little restaurant and gift shop (besides having great food) has made quite a business giving out directions. 
We decided the Wilderness Road was not a good choice as it was a single lane 55 mile long twisty road with lengths of unpaved portions, log trucks and caravans of raft boat trailers.  Maximum speed about 20mph.
Nope, nope and nope!
We headed back to the coast and back into California.  We had to stop and get some more lovely pictures.  The coast is so pretty.

Thanks for the great birthday present Dad!

Lets ride again soon!

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