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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Trip 2014

November Trip 2014
Wow, can't believe the weather was so great!  I headed out Tuesday afternoon.  It was very overcast and I was actually worried it would get worse but the skies got more blue as I went south.
I was shocked at how low Lake Shasta has gotten so I stopped for a photo.

I stopped for a photo in Yreka and kept heading for blue skies. 

I spent the night in Redding at a Rodeway Inn.  It was a little cheaper than I usually stay but it looked pretty safe.  I got into my room and it was a little questionable.  I sat down on the bed to watch T.V. and my head rested on the headboard and my hair kind of stuck to something sticky.  I got a towel to cover up the sticky spot.  Gross!
I had a very late lunch at a Chinese food down the street and got lunch for a homeless guy sitting at the nearby bus stop.
I picked up some cranberry juice at a mini-mart/gas station and made cosmopolitans in my room with the small bottles of Vodka I brought with me (no need to find a bar for a drink!)
This morning I laid a towel on the shower floor to make me feel a little better about the bathroom then packed up my bike and headed home.  

It was a beautiful day and the sky was blue.  I pulled over at the Mt. Shasta viewpoint to put on my sweat shirt.

I pulled over in Weed to put on my jacket as it was getting a little crisp going up the mountain.

Somewhere around Yreka I rolled over 16,000 miles so I pulled off the freeway to get a picture.  I considered myself lucky to be right near an exit as I got to 15,999! 

I was calculating in my head and I have put about 1000 miles a month on my bike since I bought it.  It sure has been awesome.  I feel so confident and I can say that the purchase of my Harley is among the top 10 things I have done in my life!


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