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Saturday, November 22, 2014


I can't believe I lost my drivers license!  I had it out to test drive a car a few weeks ago and then next time I needed it, it was not in my wallet.  Sucks!

I had to go down to the DMV in Medford.  I got there late in the afternoon after work and the place was pretty packed.  What I hoped would be a quick in and out started to look like a long stay.  The number board said they were helping customer #185 and I had been given #212.

Anyways, I was sitting among the hoards of people, trying to stay comfortable and noticed a guy sitting across from me.  He had dirty pants, maybe had been worn for days, well worn

boots, a wallet chain at his waist, a Harley Davidson t-shirt and a motorcycle jacket.  A biker!

As I sat there, thinking that this guy was a real biker, he probably sweat motor oil.  He probably had a job where he used his hands, like a construction worker, mechanic, or the like.  He wore his dirt on the outside of his clothes.

It occurred to me that when I ride my bike my jeans are clean, my shirts are freshly laundered and my vests (leather and denim) still look new, even though I have had them awhile.  My clothes look clean and I thought that was probably a good thing.

I can't exactly wear my work dirt home - being a surgical nurse my clothes might be covered in blood.  I might look like a walking crime scene.  Random EMT's might think I have already been in an accident!

Maybe it's a good thing I'm a clean biker chick.

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