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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Schooooools Out!

I just turned in my very last assignment for school.  I can't believe I'm finally done with my Bachelors Degree in Nursing (BSN).  I been taking classes for many years now and have wondered about the courses and what they contribute to my nursing skills.

There hasn't been much patient centered classes and they have all been full of writing papers.  I wish there had been more about patient care, you know, anatomy, physiology, etc.  Nope, none of that!

So, I'm reading my last posts from fellow classmates and one of the guys actually points out that he could do more with his certificate as a paramedic than he will be able to do with a bachelors degree in nursing - unfortunately true and so sad.

He said the BSN is worthless. 

I told him I thought he had a HUGE pair of balls for saying that - but I agreed with his statement.

I got so much out of my associates degree.  I learned a lot about how to care for people and the different diseases and how they are treated.  But the last two years have all been writing papers.  Sure I learned a lot but I don't feel it improved my nursing skills.  I did learn about the importance of using evidence based practice.

I'm proud of myself for finishing my degree but I have felt that it hasn't added anything to my nursing skills (except for writing and research) for a long time.  I'm not sure if that was the point or not.

If you know me, you know I'm not done with my education.  For my next classes I'm going to do stuff that will actually contribute to the care of my patients.

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