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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cabo pics 2014

The Cabo trip was great
As soon as we checked into the hotel, we walked to the nearest beach to get a beer.

We walked over to the marina.

Dinner the first night at "The Office"

2nd day Charlie went deep sea fishing.  I slept in and walked to the marina for breakfast.
Charlie caught a big skipjack tuna and the chef at our hotel prepared it for dinner.

                                               Charlie got a little sun on his fishing trip.

Sashimi tuna caught the same day!

Blackened tuna

We went out for whale watching.  I think this was lovers beach.
The Arch

An artsy pose by a seal.

Green sea turtle

Hump back whales

Whale foot prints

                                                                      Grey whales


The marine biologist that was with us said the grey whales just showed up the day before and she was so excited to finally see them.  She said they were more playful than the hump backs but didn't show their tail flukes as much.

Grey whale tail fluke!

Back to the marina, one of the pharmacia shops.

I wanted a little bite of lunch and at Senior Sams, it always turns into a party.

We walked into town to find some geocaches.  Geocaching takes you to the nicest places sometimes.

We found the cache and stopped for a margarita (or two) at the most beautiful bar.



Geocache across from the Mexican Navy outpost.
This is NOT the Mexican navy, but some pretty row boats.

The grey buildings were condos that started being built about 20 years ago, the market crash caused them to be abandoned and they sit empty

Our hotel was fabulous!  It was bigger than several of the apartments I have lived in.  Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two decks and it's own private entrance with patio.

Master bedroom

Living room and dining room


2nd bedroom

Front courtyard

Master balcony

Back balcony

Pirate ship!



We got dropped off on the beach and were immediately offered 2 for 1 drinks at the Mango Deck.  That was the innocent start of the wildest afternoon!

And then there were shots and margaritas!

Charlie entered a beer drinking contest.

I entered a shake your booty contest.

The crowd voted for me but the winner was the judge's girlfriend!  I didn't care because I was about 5 sheets to the wind!

I needed a lot of help walking home (I hear) and woke up several hours later ready to go again.

Checking out the Harley Davidson Biker Bar.

Good times!

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